Innovation at TWI

TWI’s in-house research and innovation team is at the core of our ability to not only develop new products for the market, but to discover new and better ways to meet our customers’ needs and find solutions to their problems.

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How we Innovate

Few other companies in the CMP industry have their own innovation and research laboratory, and our experience developing new products has led to advancements in both our current product lines and in the creation of new ones, notably the superior PuRa line.

Research at TWI

Research and Development is at the core of TWI’s dedication to meeting the ever evolving needs of CMP technology and the diverse new requirements of the latest CMP processes.

Our R&D team is eager to take on new challenges to provide the unique materials for specific CMP applications at the most advanced technologies.


Consultation and customization is at the heart of our work. It results in measurable impacts, such as a 35% reduction in the cost of consumables (CoC)! Find out how TWI can make an impact with you.

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