Solutions at TWI

An innovator in the global semiconductor industry, TWI provides unique solutions to unique challenges and problems.

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How We Solve Problems

As a relatively small company that has been in the industry for over thirty years, we are flexible, able to provide not only personalized services, but also quick, customized solutions. Our teams of talented research scientists and application experts are dedicated to the highest level of customer services and are accessible for consultation to provide individualized solutions.

Collaborate to Customize

Because innovation is a constant in the semi-conductor industry, TWI has developed immediate, agile and thorough methods to quickly meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Our focus on real-time SPC throughout every stage in our manufacturing process allows us to identify any problem and trace it back to its source.

At TWI, we pride ourselves on working personally with our clients to not only improve the functioning of their systems, but to customize long-term solutions to any issues that may arise in the CMP process.


We listen to our customers and prioritize their needs.  This collaboration has resulted in a 15% improvement in planarizarion and a 40% increase in pad life! Find out how TWI can make an impact with you.

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